Our top tips for small bathrooms

When we think of our dream bathrooms, gorgeous expansive rooms filled with marble come to mind. They could be overlooking the ocean or surrounded nature. A glorious place to unwind and soak. Unfortunately, these sorts of spaces probably exist more in our mind’s (bar the lucky few!) than in reality. As most of us know that the square footage in bathrooms is usually deeply neglected for a room that is so central to our homes. Up until recently, most bathrooms were small—most were no larger than 6 feet by 8 feet, providing just enough room for a bath/shower combination, wash hand basin, and a toilet. However, a small space is no reason to leave its potential unutilised. There are simple ways to make the most of your bathroom, maximise your storage space and open it up to a new world of design.

Work on Your Floor Plan 

During the planning stages of a bathroom remodel pay close attention to your floor plan and take your time to get it right. Where you put your waste and water points will determine how you use that bathroom forever, so be clever! Try to keep sink and toilet to one side, leaving the opposite wall free for storage, and where possible have everything, wall hung to create the illusion of floor space. Increasing the amount of visible floor space is vital to giving the appearance of a larger bathroom - the more floor space you can see, the larger the room will feel. Wall mounted sanitary-ware and storage is a good way to do this, as it allows your eyes to travel to the floor underneath. We have an extensive collection of wall hung toilets and wall hung vanity units to help achieve that minimal look.

Use Your Vertical Space

Take every angle of your bathroom into account, ceiling height can be utilised also! Go for a vertical radiator to leave space for storage, and accessories.

Look Out for Every Opportunity

No space is too small when it comes to bathroom storage. The space between studs can be used for thin shelving, both in a shower space and beside a sink, make statements of these alcoves by tiling them in an accent colour or pattern. Similarly use your under-sink space well, even slim line sinks like these Cloakroom units have under sink storage. Opt for drawers in your sink unit if possible, these can be compartmentalised to help with storage solutions.


Bath vs Shower

One of the biggest dilemmas small bathrooms face is the choice between bath and shower. People often talk about baths in houses in terms of resale value, but the biggest piece of advice I can give you is to build your house to suit how you live! If you are too concerned with resale value then your house will always feel temporary, and never like a home. If you are not a bath person, then don’t put one in. They take up far too much space for something that you are not totally convinced on. However, don’t shy away from including a freestanding bath in a small bathroom. An oval bath cuts corners to boost the impression of space.

Shower Area

Creating flow through your bathroom will help give an illusion of space, and this is most evident in shower choices. Steer clear of big and bulky enclosures if you can, opt instead for wetroom panels and low profile shower trays. We have a wide range of stylish wet room panel options, with varying finishes of fixtures; for a simple finish opt for Chrome but if you are feeling adventurous go for a trendy black finish and pair your shower to match.

Reflecting Light 

Reflective surfaces play an important role in increasing the illusion of space in your small bathroom. By adding either a mirror or tiles with a glossy finish, light will be reflected around the room giving the perception of that essential extra space.


No matter the space that you have available there will always be ways to optimise it. Take your time in figuring out the best way to plan your space, and always ask the experts. The sales team at Trinity Bathroom are always on hand to give advice from our combined years (Over 50!) of bathroom retail experience.