Black Bathroom trends

Have you noticed the trend for black bathrooms? Black has become an increasingly popular colour choice when it comes to bathroom décor as it is sophisticated, enduringly chic and it makes a strong impression in a small space. Traditionally, chrome and white have been standard colours for bathroom ware throughout the years. Black accessories stand out and are a nice accent to white marble counter-tops or tiles. From black taps, black showers, shower enclosures, towel rails or baths we have put together a list of products available at Trinity Merchants that will beautifully style your bathroom.


Rainfall shower designs are often top of bathroom renovation wishlists. Take for example the Sorrento pictured above This stunning product is guaranteed to make a bold statement in your bathroom. The water-flow feature of this is described as spa-like, offering a way to indulge in a few moments of relaxation to leave you feeling rejuvenated.


Black shower trays and wetrooms create a sleek modern look, they also reduce cleaning and maintenance and are more appealing compared to conventional shower trays, as with all their framework and runners, are notorious for gathering dirt and grime. A growing trend is to add a shower panel to prevent splashing right across the wet room. This stunning black slate tray paired with the black trelis panel will further enforce the desired aesthetic of your bathroom.



Heated towel rails provide a convenient way to dry out your towels while they’re hanging up between uses. Our anthracite range adds character to the practicality of a towel rail.


LED mirror’s will bring a thoughtful design element to your bathroom. Round wall hung mirrors have proven to be very popular, there is something undeniably classic, yet modern, about this style. LED mirrors provide a clear vision, which is similar to the one provided by the natural light. We provide a wide range of mirrors to suit your desired aesthetic.

Black brassware is perfect if you are looking to add something different to your bathroom design. Matt black taps can turn a plain design into something stylish and contemporary. With smooth curved lines and a bold geometric shape, this tap adds a contemporary touch to any bathroom.



Vanity Units combine stylish looks with excellent functionality, they have become an essential item for any bathroom. Wall hung vanities give the illusion of more space and our black edition range will add to a contemporary aesthetic. This unit increases storage space, providing an attractive and practical way to store toiletries, beauty products, loo roll and cleaning products.



Black themed bathrooms have become increasing popular, incorporating black in your bathroom is a great way to infuse style, it works wonders to highlight certain aspects of any room, regardless of the rooms style. With our fantastic range of products you can design your entire bathroom with our stunning black accessories.

 Does it last?

You might think that black bathroom hardware generally is not going to last. Well, you would be wrong. All bathrooms require a lot of upkeep, of course, and you would think that with all that moisture and scrubbing that the black would fade away. Not at all.

The key thing is to use soft cloths on these surfaces and nothing like scours or products with abrasive agents. A black finish in the bathroom is actually a lot easier to maintain long term than a bathroom that favours chrome fixtures.